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Twink howled with ecstasy when dad rammed cock inside his asshole

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I rammed my cock inside his asshole. He flung his head back and howled with ecstasy. It was awesome being inside him. After getting him all opened up with my tongue and fingers, he was more than ready to take my meat. His ass-muscles expanded and contracted, seizing my dick as if it belonged there.
This was the sensation my body had been craving I was finally one with this incredible man, joined in the most intimate way we could be. It was like our bodies were joining into one, both halves fusing together by the power of our attraction. Digging my knees in, I started plowing into the gorgeous man below me. No time for gentleness any more, I just reamed his ass like there was no tomorrow. It was fan-fucking-tastic. He was the best bottom I’d ever screwed, moaning and crying and yelping with pleasure like he’d never been nailed before.

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