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Gay cartoon bdsm comics

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Soon after and injection, and a quick shave down of all body hair (except his armpit hair. One of the Leathermen really liked his armpit hair!), the young hunk is taken oven to a cold wooden table-top, and the three Laethermen begin to explore every inch of his body. His swollen uncut dick is jerked hard, quick and forcefully, until all are satisfied it’s appropriately stiff. His asshole is fingered, by more fingers than even he could have thought possible. His nipples are pinched, twisted, bitten and pulled. And while this is going on, the compound begins to take effect on him…

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Gay cumshoot cartoon

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The man faced me and without saying anything just stepped forward and kissed me. The feel of his lips on mine was electrifying. It solidified my dick into a steel pole and I hungrily devoured his mouth, loving the tickly feel of his goatee. His breath was hot and smelled like beer.
His arms came around me and squeezed me tight, crushing me to his hard-muscled chest. He took his lips off my mouth and starting kissing my face, cheeks, chin, eyelids, everywhere, like he wanted to cover every inch of me …

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