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Adult Gay Comics.Virgin twink gets takes a fat cock up his ass for the first time

adult gay comics twink fucked from behind

What’s up guys? I have some more gay sex comics for you today. In this gay comic strip a virgin twink gets takes a fat cock up his ass for the first time. He gets bent over a table and has his pants pulled down before getting fucked from behind by an older man.

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Two well known studs reveal their secret craving for cock

3d gay comics porn

Hi guys, I’m back with more gay comics for all the gay cartoon porn comics fans out there. In this strip two well known studs reveal their secret craving for cock. See them sucking each others huge fat uncut dicks before one gets pounded from behind.

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Adult gay comics scene

adult gay comics scene

When my cock slid inside him I felt sensations I’d never even imagined. My world transformed, turned inside out, then turned back right again. I didn’t know my body could feel this good it was incredible, mind-blowing…I was fucking another man for the first time, and it was wonderful… Turning around, I saw him waiting for me. His eyes met mine without hesitation. In those eyes was desire and submission. “I’ll do what you want.” He whispered. “I trust you.” I walked over to him and kissed his mouth, gently at first, then harder. As my lips touched him my cock got stiffer. Moving closer, our crotches started rubbing together. His cock was stirring and growing larger too. I just kept kissing him, encircling his body with my arms. It was so good to hold him that way, to feel his muscles and strength under my own, trusting me. My hands moved down and found the edge of his shirt.

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Gay comics porn

gay cartoon Porn Comics

The fact that he didn’t care how vulnerable we were made me even hotter. This man wanted me so much the regular rules didn’t apply anymore. He was taking me somewhere new, a place where we were on our own, making our own rules!
My mind still fought against it. Even in the middle of this bliss disbelief threatened to ruin my passion.
“But why me?” I asked as he held me close again and snuggled his face against my shoulder like an animal. “There’s so many hot guys out there!”
“None as hot as you!” he said, his breath heating up my skin through my tank top. Then he was kissing me again, forcing his tongue between my lips and cutting off more talking. My mouth welcomed the invasion, greeting the intruder with my own tongue. We licked the insides of each other’s mouths, exploring teeth and gums.

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